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Racing sailors called the Bermuda passage “thrash to the onion patch.” But when we took the Mirage Great Harbour N37 to Bermuda in late August 2002, the only thrashing was the luckless yellowfin tuna we hooked third day out.I’ve always said that the worst passages make the best memories and the best stories, while the good passages tend to blend together over time. Despite this truism, rare is the mariner who looks for trouble, though there are a few.     Read more...

N37 Hawaii passage breaks a record

The smallest twin-screw trawler ever to make crossing

Ho’Okele, a 37-foot Great Harbour Trawler, left from Green Cove Springs in fall 2002 and arrived in Honolulu in early April 2003.The 2,274-mile Hawaii took 337.5 hours, or almost exactly two weeks.

“We arrived at Isla Mujeres on the night of December 6, coming in with  the same Norther that had recently smitten Georgia and the Carolinas with a wintry cudgel. The last 10 miles were a bit of a sleighride for us with its sudden 6- to 8-foot seas.   Read more...

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