The Great Harbour N37 Goes to Hawaii!

They Made It!

The Ho’Okele Dispaches Continue

Likely The Smallest Twin-Screw Trawler Ever To Make Hawaii

Ho’Okele, the 37-foot Mirage Trawler that voyaged from Florida to Mexico earlier this year, reached Hawaii today (April 5, 2003) taking 337.5 hours to cross 2,274 nautical miles of open ocean. Aboard were Capt. Bruce Brasington as skipper, Russell Sill and owner Mark Heilbron. For daily snapshots of their progress click on Updates. To read a more detailed account of the voyage and its aftermath, including some photos taken by the crew, start at the beginning and CLICK HERE.

‘Weather Guy’ On The Case

Retired Navy Meteorologist Rick Shema used to guide the Pacific Fleet over the deep blue. Now he works with passagemakers to ensure safe and comfortable voyaging.


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